MACK Supplied Air Regulator/Manifold - NFPA, Air Systems

The MACK-NFPA series has been developed specifically for the Fire/Rescue teams working under NFPA guidelines.

The NFPA version of the MACK unit comes in two standard models, the MACK-NFPA1 and MACK-NFPA3.

Each model has two separate regulator/manifold systems. Two SCBA connect whips are provided for each regulator. In the event of a regulator malfunction, rescue can be performed on the standby/backup regulator system.

The basic unit described above, Model MACK-NFPA1, can have a regulator isolation valve added to allow one or both air sources to be used simultaneously; this addition forms the Model MACK-NFPA3 which has a CGA-347 high-pressure inlet included.


This version contains two independent MACK-1 manifold and regulator systems so that each one has its own cylinder supply hoses and low-pressure whistle.
A total of 6 low-pressure outlets are provided.
- Dual independent regulators with 3-outlet manifolds (6 outlets total)
- Dual low air pressure alarms
- 4 Fill whips
This version of the MACK-NFPA1 contains two independent low-pressure manifold and regulator systems so that each has its own cylinder supply hoses.
An isolation valve is added between the systems to isolate the regulators, as well as provide common air flow from a single bottled air source.
A CGA-347 high-pressure inlet is provided on this version to allow for an external bank of air cylinders to operate the unit.
MACK-NFPA1 with the addition of
- Regulator Isolation valve
- CGA-347 High-Pressure inlet and cover cap