Underwater Body Recovery Drag [MARSARS]

When it comes to lakes and still water, side sonar has made significant improvements in searching.  However, when it comes to searching in a moving body of water, a recovery drag often succeeds where other methods fail.

The MARSARS recovery drag is durable, effective and portable.

It is made of highly durable stainless steel rod and can be assembled quickly when needed.  The kit has a wide sweep and 5 well-spaced hooks to ensure adequate coverage of search area.  This recovery drag also comes with a durable storage case which prevents damage to inflatable craft.

Device Features:
  • Stainless-steel rod construction
  • Quick assembly
  • 46″ sweep width, 11.5″ hook spacing
  • Storage container

Note: When searching from a craft in moving water, always drag into the current, do not run with the current.  Should the recovery drag catch on the bottom, you now have an extremely dangerous situation with the force of the moving water at the stern of the captured craft.  Avoid this at all costs!