Second Chance Rescue Throw Bag w/Light [MARSARS]

The Second Chance Throw Bags are designed specifically for high-stress real world rescue situations.

Available in lengths: 50′, 75′, 90′, and 110′, these bags are designed for full-distance first throw, and if you miss, the second throw can be accomplished within 20 seconds.

The 50′, 75' and 90′ bags feature 1800 lbs MBS 9mm polypropylene rescue line and the 110′ bag features a 1500 lb MBS 7mm polypropylene Kernmantle line.

  • The Second Chance Rescue Throw bag is a day and night use throw bag. The bag is designed to be thrown full distance first, with the ability to throw a 2nd time within 20 seconds.
  • Light on throw bag improves visibility in night time operations (200+ hrs runtime)
    The "Whiffle" Ball improves throwability and release.
  • This product only ships to Canada. For international orders, please contact us and we will find a dealer near you.