PRO Series Rescue Struts [Tuff Built]

Tuff Built


Tuff Built’s unique, lightweight and patent-pending pin-less rescue struts are designed to provide economic solutions for motor vehicle accident scenes where vehicle stabilization is required.

These Canadian-made units come in two convenient sizes.

Materials & Construction

  • General Construction Aluminum 6061-T6, Mild steel
  • Finish (Aluminum): Powder Coat, Mill Finish
  • Finish (Steel): Zinc Plate
  • Plating Specification (Zinc): CS-500 (Type II, SC-2, ASTM B633-85)

Model Specifications

Pro-1 Strut; Pt# 30100

Collapsed Strut: 48.75” L x 7.00” W x 6.50” H

Fully extended strut: 98.00 inches (2.489.2mm)

Weight: 18.0 lbs (8.2 kgs)

Pro-2 Strut; Pt# 30101;

Collapsed Strut: 62.75” L x 7.00” W x 6.50” H

Fully extended strut: 170.50 inches (4,330.7mm)

Weight: 26.0 lbs (11.8 kgs)

Application Restrictions

  1. This product MUST BE used only with accessories designed, manufactured, and/or approved by Tuff Built Products Inc.
  2. All system components and accessories MUST BE installed, inspected, maintained, and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Where required by regulation, each installation MUST BE installed under the supervision of a Qualified Person.
  4. This equipment MUST BE set up and operated under the supervision of a Competent Person.