Ice Rescue Reel [MARSARS]


All MARSARS’ ice rescue reels come rescue-ready with buoyant pre-rigged 3/8″ diameter line, carabiner and float and are warrantied for material and workmanship.

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Type: Ice Rescue

Line strength of all buoyant hollow-braided “B” series line reels is 3,500 lbs. When wet, this coreless tether line remains light.

Less weight = less drag = faster outbound speed.

Additionally, hollow braided rope prevents the IRSS sled’s 4:1 ratio pulley system from disabling damage caused by a twisted or hocked pulley rope.

The alternative 3-strand construction line reels offer strengths of 3,700 lbs.

All MARSARS’ reels float with or without rope and non-locking carabineers are provided for an assured escape from life-threatening situations.

Key Features

  • Constructed of a thick-wall ABS pipe with tough polycarbonate cheeks
  • An adjustable, high-quality rear cover prevents over-spin
  • Removable stainless steel crank handle
  • Shoulder carry or land-ice anchor bridle with 22cm ice piton
  • A buoyant, lightweight, 3/8” diameter hollow braided line of 3,500 lbs. MBS
  • Freeze-free stainless steel non-locking carabineer
  • Factory spliced eyes that retain 99% of the line’s strength

For those seldom, if-ever life-or-death situation that requires disconnection, a buoyant hook float has been added to keep the disconnected tether hook afloat and ready for re-connection.