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The engineers at ISC developed a new handle operated cam system specifically so that in a panic situation the Descender would actually stop the descent, (rather than just slow it down). The D2 Descender is the only MicroDescender in the world to offer this function.

Collections: Escape/Bailout, Hardware, ISC Wales

Category: Escape, NFPA 1983 E

Type: Hardware

The D2 can be controlled by pushing in the cam (ideally using the thumb), which allows the user to smoothly feed the rope through the device, without the use of the handle. The cam feed feature is particularly useful in Bail-out Operations.

It is also easy to back-feed the rope through the D2 and therefore it can be used for smooth ascending or for emergency hauling, (when used as part of a 3:1 ‘Z-rig’).

The Descender is compact and lightweight, allowing it to be carried on the harness at all times - some harness manufacturers have integrated it into a harness back-pack so that self-rescue can be made easy. 


    • Compatible with rope diameter: 8mm
    • Panic brake: Yes
    • Number of persons: 1
    • Working Load Limit: 100kg (220lbs)
    • Serial numbering: As standard
    • Cam material: Stainless Steel
    • Finish: Anodised
    • Certifications: EN12841, NFPA (E)


Kit Contents:

KT860A D2 Escape Descender Kit (Polyester Rope 15m)

Technora Rope Aramid fibres (such as Technora), are perfect for use in applications where fire is the main hazard (bail-out or evacuation from wind turbines). 

    • 1x Dyneema Sling
    • 1x D2 Descender
    • 1x Zip Top Pouch
    • 1x Polyester rope (15m)
    • 2x KH453 Carabiners (Twistlock)

KT860B D2 Escape Descender Kit (Technora Rope 15m)

Polyester Rope Standard Polyester ropes are ideal for use in other areas, (such as Linesman self-rescue from pole tops or for escape from towers or elevating work platforms/skylifts).

    • 1x Technora Anchor Sling
    • 1x D2 Descender
    • 1x Zip top Pouch
    • 1x Technora rope (15m)
    • 2x KH453 Carabiners (Twistlock)