Boat Based Rescue Recovery Net [MARSARS]



MARSARS produces a top quality Rescue Recovery Net that connects to vessel’s side by snap hooks, ready for instant use - simply peel the velcro and it rolls out cleanly.

Most recovery nets are made out of buoyant polypropylene fibre that floats, but this Recovery Net is constructed of a ballasted polyester material that sinks. Take it from your fellow public safety folks that found it’s not fun trying to sink a buoyant net beneath a victim in the water.

MARSARS’ high-quality recovery net features:

  • A 4-hook storage case for hull attachment and easy deployment
  • Non-buoyant polyester construction, ballasted recovery net
  • Buoyant outer boom - keeps the submerged “U” shaped net afloat
  • 6′ wide x 7′ length



1) The compact stored device is unrolled

2) The buoyant boom is pushed away from boat’s side by a boat pole.

3) Without handling the victim, the boat is moved forward, positioning the victim centrally above the submerged U-shaped net.

4) Par buckled net lifts the body (using a 2:1 mechanical advantage) clear of the water for transport.

5) After use, the net is removed, cleaned, dried, rolled and replaced within its cylindrical storage cover. 

*The same process can be used for conscious victims when other methods of recovery have failed but the Man-Overboard Rescue Sling would be the preferred method of recovery for a conscious, uninjured victim.