Swift Water - Standby

Work Over/Near Water

Don’t let your would-be rescuer employees get swept away as victims

Water hazards present a unique challenge to any work environment, which can have disastrous consequences when not approached properly. Regardless of which provincial jurisdiction you work in, employers are responsible for providing a rescue team and equipment whenever water hazards exist. With the vast, rugged Canadian climate and growing natural resource development, swift, flat, ice, and tidal waters present serious risks to workers all over.

Dynamic Rescue is an industry leader in providing highly qualified and experienced standby rescue teams for a wide range of scenarios, including water-related hazards. Whether you need help with pre-planning and documentation, employee training programs, or supplying fully equipped and operational rescue teams, Dynamic Rescue can assist your company with any water hazard.

How can Dynamic Rescue help your business?

Unlike land-based rescue solutions, rescue from water has a different set of risks. One of the biggest concerns, especially when dealing with swift waters, is the potential for would-be rescuers to suddenly become victims. Without proper equipment and training, workers trying to help their friend may very quickly find themselves drowning in a worst-case scenario.

Bodies of water are literally everywhere, and while this should lead to greater awareness and caution, the real result is that many people approach water hazards with complacency and a lack of appreciation for the true dangers present.

Dynamic Rescue has been involved in standby and emergency rescue for years, and no matter how unique your worksite or project is, we can help! For companies trying to provide their employees with proper safety protection from water hazards, the reality is that doing so can be a challenge. Our experience, training, and professional rescue teams are up to any task and can help make sure your workers go home safely at the end of every day.

Whether you need help with Risk Assessments, Rescue Pre-Plans, worker training, equipment and supplies, Rescue Teams, or all of the above, Dynamic Rescue is the industry leader in making sure your site and your workers stay safe. Period.