High Angle - Standby

Providing industry with highly trained, experienced, and professional rescue teams for any High Angle scenario

Over the last number of decades the need for Rope Rescue in industry has grown immensely. There’s no doubt that as people continue to build larger, taller, and more technically complicated structures, the need to access them has increased. Due to the inherent risks associated with height, the Rope Access and Rescue industry is heavily regulated. In B.C., new stand-alone regulations for Rope Access and Rope Rescue have just taken effect and aim to ensure the continued safety of all workers.

As with any high hazard work environment, employers and managers are required to meet significant regulatory standards. Ensuring appropriate compliance can be a difficult task, and providing in-house capabilities is not always feasible. That’s why at Dynamic Rescue, we strive to help you meet your work site compliance and keep your workers safe. While work at height can be done very safely, accidents do happen. With Dynamic Rescue, you gain a highly trained, experienced, and professional organization working with you to achieve the highest level of safety possible and provide rescue in the event of an emergency.

How does Dynamic Rescue help your business?

There’s no question, planning is extremely important. And like any hazardous worksite project, proper pre-planning is a must. With Dynamic Rescue, we take our decades of emergency rope rescue training along with our knowledge of the regulatory requirements, and match it to your workplace or project. Completely customized to your specific scenario, we help create the planning documents that you need in order to be prepared, mitigate any harm, and get your project started.

Dynamic Rescue can also provide industry certified training to your workers, either at our facility or yours, regardless of where you are located. Our highly experienced and certified trainers have a wealth of knowledge, and our programs are designed to not only meet and exceed the certification requirements, but provide students both the practical and hands on experience they’ll need.

Sometimes doing everything in-house simply isn’t cost effective, and when this happens, Dynamic Rescue is here to help. Our expert Rescue Team technicians can come directly to your site and provide the High Angle Rope Access support that you need or coordinate and supplement your current team. All our team members are fully certified, and we bring with us all the necessary equipment so that you don’t have to worry about sourcing or providing a thing.

At Dynamic Rescue we strive to do two things: Provide the High Angle Rescue you need in an emergency, and keep your employees safe, every day!