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DRS is coming to Alberta!

Hosted by Spruce Grove Fire Rescue, we will be conducting a series of Confined Space Level 1 - Operations courses, starting in March 2016.  This is an awesome opportunity to get industry-leading training a little closer to home if you are east of the Rockies. 

To enroll, you must have successfully completed either a Basic Rescuer or a Low-To-Steep Slope Rope Rescue course and you can do so by clicking the link below or calling our office.


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When you register for BCIT CNST 1100 or CNST 1104, get up to 15% off your required course equipment or our "Site-Ready CSO Kit"

(Discount Code will be provided to you by BCIT at registration)


*If you have already registered and didn't get a code, call us at 604-522-0228 and we will issue one for you.