Confined Space - Standby

When your crews punch out, we make sure they're all going home to their families.

Confined Spaces continue to be a fatal hazard for workers everywhere.  Despite increased awareness and regulations, the reality is that Confined Spaces are still killing workers and would-be rescuers.  The CSA estimates that 60% of all fatalities in Canada are bystanders, often other employees or family members trying to help.


With Dynamic Rescue, you solve all of these problems with one professional, highly trained, expert, and cost-effective solution.  Managing your confined spaces can be a tough job - but we're here to help!   

Due to their high risk potential, the regulations surrounding Confined Space Entry have grown and may be different from one jurisdiction to another.  Hazard Assessments, Rescue Pre-Plans, ventilation, air monitoring, worker training, hole watch, rescue team assembly, equipment purchases, and appropriate documentation may all be required - keeping on top of all these elements can be a challenge.


How does Dynamic Rescue help your business?

Our expert consultants come directly to your site to design and draft customized hazard assessments and rescue pre-plans.  Our certified rescue technicians can train your crews on proper and safe procedures.  Our highly educated sales team can make sure you have the best and, most importantly, the right equipment for your confined spaces.

Best of all, Dynamic Rescue can supply a fully equipped, certified, and highly trained Rescue Technician Team so that you don't have to worry about anything.  We bring all the equipment, and do the ventilation and air monitoring.  We can provide hole watches and complete all the appropriate documentation.  And most importantly, we supply the rescue team to make sure that when your crews punch out, they're going home to their families - safe, every day.

If you're a large corporation or facility, one of your unique challenges is the logistics and management required to ensure that the appropriate crews, with the appropriate training, are positioned in the correct place at the correct time.  Another major issue is standardizing procedures and compliance; making sure that all your crews are following the same safe-working steps, and that errors, omissions, or near misses aren't getting lost in the size of the project.  With Dynamic Rescue on site, we take care of all the Confined Space entries.  With our highly trained and certified teams, you can alleviate any logistical problems while also ensuring 100% standardized procedures and safe working compliance for all your crews at all the entries.

Smaller sites are faced with the additional, daunting task of managing the sheer volume of regulation, documentation, training, and equipment necessary to undertake Confined Space entry projects - projects which may happen very infrequently.  With Dynamic Rescue, we simply take care of the hassle for you.  Rather than you spending huge amounts of time and money investments building your program from scratch, our expert Rescue Team can be there right away, with everything tailored for you.  


Get your project started sooner, save money, and above all, keep your crews safe
with Dynamic Rescue