Pre-Packaged FR3 First Aid Kit - Dynamic Rescue

Dynamic Rescue Systems

DRS-First Aid Kit FR3

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Dynamic Rescue not only prides itself on knowing about rescue gear, but about knowing which gear to use in which scenario. Through decades of work in industry and in Fire Rescue, we have found that consistently one of the biggest challenges facing workers and rescuers is dealing with equipment once it has arrived on site. Too often gear that is purchased stays neatly wrapped in the box, and no one is quite sure how to use it. We solve this problem for you by providing pre-rigged kits, with exactly the gear needed, nothing more, nothing less, and operationally deployable. That means when your equipment arrives, all you have to do is take it out of the box and you're ready to go. Everything is already in place, cut, tied, labeled, and documented. Why make work or rescue any harder than it needs to be!

This kit includes the following equipment:

  • 1 x Nanuk Case with Dividers and Pouches
  • All Attendant PPE
  • Gauze, Dressings, Bandages, etc.
  • Burn sheets, Abdominal pads
  • Scissors, Forceps, Penlight
  • Hot/Cold Packs, Saline
  • Glucogel, Blankets, Alcohol Wipes
  • Tape, Tensors, Esmarch
  • Biohazard bags, Sharps container

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