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December 2016:

A user had an Enforcer connected to a steel cable, or wire rope. As the cable was loaded it unwound, twisting the Enforcer’s swivel eye and the friction generated unscrewed the bolt holding the swivel and it came apart.

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CMC has issued a recall on the 3D (300880) for Lot Numbers 16001 – 16203.


- Immediately remove any affected 3D products from service.

- Contact CMC Customer Support at (800) 235-5741, (805) 562-9120, or via email at recall@cmcrescue.com to initiate the return process.

- Return the 3D directly to CMC for a no-cost full replacement of the product. CMC will issue a call tag for pick-up of the item and cover all cost of shipping.

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We've all heard of someone who "broke a hip."  But what exactly does that mean?  In fact, what exactly are the hips, how do they break, and what can we as first responders and rescuers do about it?

Not surprisingly this is a complex topic with a huge amount of anatomy and physiology involved as well as a lot of research, and sometimes conflicting opinions, on how best to treat.

This blog aims to give you a basic, but comprehensive overview of Pelvic Instability or Trauma.  We'll examine the relevant Anatomy and Physiology, Epidemiology, Classifications, Signs and Symptoms, as well as Treatment options for patients suffering from Pelvic Trauma.  Stay safe!

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Information Regarding Possible Cracks on ASAP Lock

FACT: March, 30 2016 - During routine equipment inspections one customer detected cracks on the stainless steel arms on 3 ASAP LOCK units. These 3 defective products will be returned to Petzl for analysis.

  • As described in the instruction for use, Petzl ASAP LOCK must be used with the ASAP’SORBER or the ABSORBICA L57. These two shock absorbers limit the dynamic forces to 5KN.  
  • In the worst case scenario, a cracked ASAP LOCK arm presents no additional risk to the user. 
  • However, the presence of such cracks in the arm requires immediate retirement of the ASAP LOCK. 

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Did you happen to notice it was a little windy over the weekend?  With over half a million BC Hydro customers without power, we at DRS realized that you might benefit from a pre-packaged emergency preparedness kit.  Whether it's wind storms, power outages or earthquakes, we highly recommend you make sure you have some sort of a disaster kit, know what is in it and have an emergency plan.

So, to facilitate that, we're offering 15% off of each of our emergency preparedness buckets from now until the end of September 2015.

Apply the discount code BLACKOUT15 at checkout to receive your discount.


We also recommend you read some of the great resources available at BC's Provincial Emergency Preparedness website and the 72 Hour Planning Guide created by the federal government.


*Did you know we also stock numerous other preparedness kits?  From the boat to the car to the swimming pool, let us know what you are looking for and we will make sure you get exactly what you need!

The OSHA FatalFacts newsletter, published by the US Department of Labor recently released another report on a fatality in a confined space.  This shows, yet again, how a lack of appreciation for confined spaces can result in catastrophic ends.  

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