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March 23, 2016

One of the challenges with any rescue operation is striking a balance between safe rescue methods that workers can learn and remember when needed and a plan that covers and addresses every aspect of risk.  How do you keep the rescuers safe, while making sure the rescue plan isn't so complicated that it takes 3 hours to make entry?

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Dynamic Rescue Systems is Headed to Alberta

January 15, 2016

CS Training - Rockies

Hosted by Spruce Grove Fire Rescue, we will be conducting a series of Confined Space Level 1 - Operations courses, starting in March 2016.

This is an awesome opportunity to get industry-leading training a little closer to home if you are east of the Rockies. 

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Confined Spaces Continue To Be Deadly Spaces

August 18, 2015

The OSHA FatalFacts newsletter, published by the US Department of Labor recently released another report on a fatality in a confined space.  This shows, yet again, how a lack of appreciation for confined spaces can result in catastrophic ends.  

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WRAP Evac Rescue Harness- Now Available On Our Webstore

August 28, 2014


The Wrap Evac harness allows you to completely secure your patient, even in extremely restricted and small spaces. A sliding head harness easily adjusts to different body sizes. Extremely versatile, the harness can even be used without the backboard for confined space in vertical or horizontal configurations.

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